Monday, July 31, 2006

Husker Red Pumps through these Veins

Abigail, Jonathan and Mom, April 2006

I'm from Nebraska which means many things. In honor of the great state, I've created a top ten list.

10. It's a beautiful, diverse state. It's really not flat when you get off I-80.
9. It is home to the friendliest people you will ever meet.
8. Nebraska is a conservative state that lives its conservative values. Click here to learn about a classmate of mine who will be the next Congressman from the western part of this great state. Mr. Smith is headed to Washington!
7. Cows: how many states can you come to a screeching halt on a highway to wait for cows to cross.
6. Denver is only four hours away.
5. The Black Hills are only four hours away. Okay, everything is four hours away from North Platte where my parents and siblings live.
4. Runzas. Those of you who've had one know I don't need to say more. For those who haven't, next time you drive through stop at a Runza Restaurant and eat one.
3. The North Platte Canteen, an all volunteer effort during WWII, served more than 1.5 million servicemen between December 17, 1941 and April 1946.
2. My roots and family are there.
1. Husker football. Enough said. But for those who need to see to believe, watch this awesome video.

Where else do more than 60,000 fans pay to see a spring game?

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Crystal said...

You know, I've known quite a lot of people from all over the world--but I don't think I've ever known someone from Nebraska. I really enjoyed getting to know about this part of you and the state from this blog. And I'm dying to try a Runza now.


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