Saturday, September 29, 2007

Book Tour: The Restitution

This is the third installment in the Legacy of the King’s Pirates, and M.L. Tyndall whisks us back in time to 1669 and the Caribbean. As I read the book, I could almost feel the wind whip through my hair and the salt spray pelt my skin.

Lady Isabel Ashton is back…this time with her baby in her arms until he is kidnapped in the middle of the night. Captain Kent Carlton is determined to show Isabel that he’s changed and reclaim his son. The big problem? Captain Carlton raped Isabel and is the reason she has a son and has been cast aside by her wealthy family. However, her family refuses to help her find her son, so Isabel is forced to accept Captain Carlton's help. Will her feelings for him change during their hunt for their son?

The characters are as varied as they can be on a pirate ship. And the plot is filled with twists from disgruntled pirates who want to plunder a ship to trying to avoid a Spanish fleet they sailed into. Then Isabel has to decide whether Kent is showing himself trustworthy and honorable as they search for their son. Then she’ll have to decide what she will do about that.

Kent battles against himself for her affections. In the process he is moved by her faith and the way God acts on her behalf. Could a God like that see him and care about him? The words of his father echo in head and heart to the extent that truth is hard to hear. At one point his spiritual journey seemed a bit simple – agony and then decision. But in whole, it fit well within the framework of the story.

I loved the setting details. You could feel the pitch of the ship in the seas. Sense the steam rise and soak you in the rain forest. The language of the pirates also seemed accurate – yet managed to still be readable and very enjoyable dialogue.

To view the You Tube video on the book, click here.

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Lacy J. Williams said...

After reading the first two books in this series, I couldn't wait for this one to come out.

And I was NOT disappointed.

Marylu does a wonderful job with her characters. Wasn't Kent a great bad-boy-turned-good?


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