Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Musings on Ego

Y'all know I went to the Steven Curtis Chapman/Michael W. Smith United tour at the end of March. I love the music both those men put out and have tapes/CDs going back to the um beginning.

The concert lived up to everything I'd hoped, but left me thinking about ego. Here are two men who have as much of a right as anyone does to have ego -- yet there was none at the concert. Instead, these two men seemlessly played back-up to each other, disappeared, returned, joked, and worshipped.

I watched and prayed -- God give me a heart that is not threatened by those others would say could be my competition.

Many of my friends in writing have the same attitude. I can't tell you how many times I've been surprised by the lack of ego from people you would think have earned it. Such a blessing to see people live in a way that shows they want to serve others and give the glory to God.

My prayer is that I would live a life where my ego is firmly in check. Where I focus on the needs of others v. the imagined rights I should have. That I would always look to serve rather than develop the attitude of a prima dona. That my life would point clearly to the Father whom deserves any glory I may receive. That I would reflect it to Him rather than clutch it to my chest.

Random thoughts.


Timothy Fish said...

Good thoughts, random as they may be.

Linda said...

Oh, that we could always keep our ego out of the way! Your prayer was so right on.
As to the concert, I like Steven Curtis Chapman, but I love Michael W. Smith music! It's sad they don't play him on our radio station up here anymore--not hip/hop enough.

Cindy said...

I'll bet that was a wonderful concert. How great that God can use a random fun experience to instill something new in us. He is in everything! I really think that is such a worthwhile prayer. God Bless!


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