Wednesday, March 30, 2011

D.C. Adventure: how to see the key sites in three days

Arlington National Cemetary
Mount Vernon
On the Mall
White House in the background
The kids and I drove out to D.C. last Wednesday. It was full day with enough fog to keep us praying. But all in all a smooth drive. Eric was already in D.C. for business and spent Thursday and Friday with donors. So what did the kids and I see?

I tried to keep my expectations minimal based on the fact the kids and I would run around by ourselves for two day.

Thursday started with the Metro. We could have driven to Arlington National Cemetery from our hotel, but the kids really wanted to experience the subway. I certainly didn't mind introducing them to this great way to get around D.C. We metroed over to the cemetary and FROZE. It didn't feel like spring as we wandered around until we found the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We watched a wreath laying ceremony, then dashed back to the visitor's center so the kids could warm up their hands. Then lunch with dear friends from Law School.

Friday the kids and I drove to Mount Vernon. After getting rear-ended on Jeff Davis Hwy, the day went great. It was fun how quickly driving around the area came back. The new education center at Mount Vernon was incredible. Unfortunately by the time we got to it, we'd already spent several hours wandering around the grounds and were worn out. But if you're going to D.C., be sure to go to Mount Vernon and allow time for the was wonderful!

Then we drove around Shirlington and Old Town so I could take photos for the novella I'm writing. Cap the night with dinner with great friends, and it was another great day.

Saturday we spent the day with dear friends and went to two Smithosonians: Natural History and Air and Space. Then we walked the Mall so the kids could see the monuments. It was a long walk back to the Metro, but the kids were troopers. The one thing I would change is seeing the Monuments at night. They are spectacular that way, but it didn't work out this trip.

The key to a great trip? Keeping my expectations realistic. The kids and I weren't going to jet from place to place this time like we might when they're older. But they got a great first taste of D.C. And now that we know it's only a day's drive, we'll be back :-)


Casey said...

Thank you for sharing!! Sounds like you had a great trip and the pics are fantastic. Does look a big chilly! :) I would really love to go one day and tour the Smithsonain, or at least aspects of it. :)

Cara Putman said...

Casey, you would love it! My favorite Smithsonian is the American History one and then I love the National Gallery of Art. But knew the kids wouldn't enjoy them as much. At least not yet.


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