Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where's Your Creative Passion?

One of my eldest son's paintings
One of my writing buds mentioned the other day that when she got the freedom to write, her other artistic endeavors slid to the background. That she found fulfillment in writing. I like that.

I used to cross-stitch.
I used to scrapbook. Now I tend to make photobooks online.
I used to do all kinds of craftie endeavors. Now I pour that time into writing.

That's where my passion lies. Last night I started working on sample chapters for a proposal my agent is getting ready to send out. I've worked on this proposal off and on for a year, each time adding layers in an effort to build a story that will be engaging and rich. My agent thinks I'm getting there. Yeah!

But I keep coming back to this story because it has the elements I love. History unique to World War II. Characters with a story that engages me each time I return to it. And the reality that I feel so alive when I'm laboring over each word.

As people created in the image of God, one of His attributes is creativity. Just look at the world around us. The complexity and variety -- unnecessary unless He wanted to delight us and enjoy the process of creating. How do you reflect His creativity? Is it through amazing meals? I need recipes! Or through crafting? How do you do it?

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