Monday, December 12, 2011

Saying "Thank you" to my Mom

My mom doesn't get a bouquet of flowers. She gets a crown. So much of who I am is because of what she poured into me.

I'm sure I continue to exasperate her with my questions though now they've changed to "how exactly did you get me ready for college," etc. But as an early homeschooling family in Nebraska, she didn't have the abundance of resources that exist today. Maybe that was a blessing because you couldn't worry about having the wrong curriculum.

Thank you, Mom, for hammering my handwriting. I didn't imagine someday I'd autograph books.
Thanks for making my diagram sentences until I was sick of them.  I couldn't anticipate I'd make my living writing legal documents and novels. Thank you for making me memorize all those math facts. I didn't realized someday I'd teach my own kids the importance of being math literate.

But most of all, thank you for teaching me to love God and never want to break my heavenly Daddy's heart. That's probably the most important thing you invested in me. Love you.

What would you thank your mother for?


Casey said...

Your post made me smile--because I often think the same of my mom. They are treasures!

Christianfictionaddiction said...

Wow, those are amazing words. I hope my children can say such positive things about me one day :) Your mom sounds like a blessing... :)



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