Monday, July 16, 2012

Few more photos...Humor me?

As I write this, I have photos on the brain. Since our trip to Germany was a once in a lifetime, I got a new camera. As a result, I have 1800 photos I'm sorting, tagging, and getting ready to do something with. That doesn't count the ones my husband and kids took. So here are a few. While we're at it, anyone have tips on sorting photos? 

Boom! Bang! Firepower!
My kiddos
Snuggling my youngest
Walking among Roman ruins in Franfurt
Playing knight at a medieval festival
I'm wishing....
Yes, my 4 y.o. went on a high ropes course
with one of our new friends Susi.


Casey said...

Post ALL the pictures you want. ;-) It's so beautiful and green there!

Rachel said...

I love pics! As my aunt and I did some family ancestry, we found we have a family member who still lives in Germany we never knew about! It was so neat to get in touch with her and find out some new bits of information about our family we did not know. Hope you enjoyed your time over there!
As far as organizing photos, categorize by day, event, or special outing. Then build from there! Hope it helps! Thanks for sharing!

Cara Putman said...

Thanks, Casey. I love looking at other people's photos. Rachel, I just wish it was easier to organize mine!


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