Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ACFW Genesis Contest for Unpublished Authors Open

The Genesis, formerly known as the Noble Theme, is the ACFW contest for unpublished Christian writers. The contest has a multitude of categories/genres to enter, the opportunity for unbiased feedback on writers' work by published authors and experienced judges, and the chance for the Category Finalists to have their work read by Christian publishing house editors and literary agents. ACFW has been pleased to see previous Noble Theme and Genesis Category Winners and Finalists move further on in their writing careers to become published authors.

Eligibility – The 2009 ACFW Genesis contest is open to ACFW members unpublished in adult or young adult fiction in the last seven years (no published fiction print or electronic works of 20,000 words or more). Authors of non-fiction or library bound fiction dissertations are eligible.

Any author contracted for publication before April 1st, 2009 is not eligible. If an entrant receives a publishing house contract after April 1st, 2009, they must withdraw their entry if it was the manuscript that was contracted. If they are contracted on a manuscript not entered in the contest, they may remain in the contest with their other entry(s). See FAQ page for a more detailed explanation.

Self-published authors are eligible, however they may not enter a manuscript that is in print or that was/is available for purchase at any time between September 1st, 2002 and September 1st, 2009. Previously entered manuscripts may be entered again, but manuscripts that have won First Place in their category in previous Noble Theme or Genesis contests (or have been one of the FaithWords finalists in 2006) may not be entered again. Manuscripts that have been finalists in previous Noble Theme or Genesis contests but have not won first place may be entered again. See FAQ page for a more detailed explanation.

Go to http://www.acfw.com/genesis to learn more.

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