Monday, February 16, 2009

My friend Karen Ball is starting a new series on her blog about passion killers. Yikes, leave it to that woman to have nice light topics. But I'd like you to read her post, then come back here and let's talk about it.

I think it's a great topic. For me passion killing can come in many forms. Fatigue, definitely. But that also is more a symptom I think. Sometimes my fatigue is just doing what God calls me to. But I think often it's because I take on additional things that may not actually be His best for me. the crazy thing is the more I try to pare down to what I know He's speaking to me, the more tired I seem to get. Weird, huh.

Another is staying too long in one area. If the anointing has moved on, then I need to, as well.

And don't get me started on knowing I could do it well, so that means I should. Right? LOL.

But in my life, there's a large reality that to write and do other things I'm passionate about, it has to be at night after the wee ones are in bed. That can kill the passion because I'm just plain tired. And getting the brain cells and passion revved up can be hard.

But I have to do it. Because God has placed that passion in me. :-) So what about you. How do your dreams and passion intersect. Let's get a dialogue going. I'll pull winners for copies of one of my Dreams books.


Nicole said...

Passion is a constant for me, Cara. It seems I've lived by it, for it, and with it my entire life. Drama queen, writer, lover of romance. Now I can devote my formerly misguided passion to the Lord and what He has for me to do.

My dreams were always way too high, too big. Oh I tried to realize them, but the only one that materialized was the one planted in me from the beginning and that was to work with and be around horses. (Hence working on the racetrack for 30+ years.) But writing ran simultaneously with other parts of my life.
So now, writing is what I do to serve the Lord after meeting Him as an adult at the track.

Passion killers for me are rejections of any kind (great, huh?). Arguments/conflicts with anyone. The state of this country now, if I let it.
Dreams have taken a backseat to obedience. The Lord knows what's best for me. I've finally come to that conclusion.

Jonah said...

It took me to get to the last paragraph to realize you weren't talking about murder as a crime of passion.

Deanna said...

I came here by way of Marybeth Whalen's blog. Your interview was inspiring. Thanks for sharing. It's so cool that you were posting about passion on the day I found your blog.

I'm still waking to mine. My heart's been dead for such a long time, but God's been resurrecting it over the last couple of years. Lately, it feels like we're gaining momentum on this journey back to life. I really liked what you said in the interview about getting prepared if God says wait, because when He says now we might be running to catch up with Him!

My passion killer was damage done to me as a teen. I can hardly wait to meet the woman God intended me to be. For certain I will be passionate for Jesus and helping others know His healing!

Linda said...

My passion killer(s)is my past issues from childhood that are just beginning to surface enough to deal with them. The issues are buried deep, but God is gently bring them out. They have skewed my vision of God and relationships.

My second passion killer is my back. Had three surgeries in six months and ended up with what they call "failed back syndrom." Leaves me unable to get around and do things I used to do. I am a very active person normally. This has set me back many years.

I have to admit, too, that I thought you were initially talking about murder as a crime of passion. Think we read too many murder mysteries????

Kelly said...

Hi Cara,
I found your blog through Marybeth's. I think for me...passion killers are all the housework and chores I feel I need to do after I come home from working a full time stressful job as a legal assistant..and by the time I am done, I am exhausted and ready for bed. I also think that I tend to procrastinate doing things I love, thinking I have to 'do' the chores first.

Anonymous said...

My Passion killer is time.
I think "oh i can't do that, i don't have enough time" But when i think about it, I do! I spend lots more time on things that aren't that important while neglecting the things that i want to get done.


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