Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Writer or Juggler

Am I a writer or a juggler?

Tonight I'm not so sure.

You see, on my desk next to my laptop sits the revision letter for my next Love Inspired Suspense, Trial By Fire. I am so excited about my editor's thoughts on this book. Once again, they only make the plot stronger. Always a good thing! And the revision is due back to NYC by March 2.

On the floor next to the desk sits a red magazine holder thingy (very technical term!). It's filled with research on the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, the historical backdrop for A Promise Forged, the book due July 1. Why is the research next to the desk? Because I just finished the synopsis and submitted it to that wonderful editor a couple nights ago.

Sitting on top of the revision letter for Trial By Fire, is the 1943 calendar scrawled with notes for the baseball team and the plot pivot points for the book I turn in April, A Promise Born. This book has spies, WAVES, Bombes, and all kinds of fun 1943 World War Two elements.

Then there's the textbook for the class I'm teaching at Purdue right now. I should be preparing for that class instead of writing this post. And don't forget being a wife and mom, homeschooling my kids, being involved in my church and community, and all the other roles I fill. Times like this I feel like a juggler. Trying to keep everything going and doing it all well.

The only problem is I've narrowed down my life to the things I love. Why do I love doing so many things!?!?!?! :-)

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Abi said...

Love your post and perspective on things.


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