Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Alpha and Omega

Right now the ladies Sunday School class I lead is working through Beth Moore's Esther study. Good stuff!

This week as I worked on it, I love how God brought some fresh revelation. Isn't it amazing how He does that!?!?! A book I have read dozens of times since I was a child -- and still feels like it's the first time. And the revelation is so relevant to MY life. God is amazing!

Here’s a piece of what I shared — part of it grew out of the Esther study and then God doing what He does best. What He showed me is that He is the Alpha and Omega of not just time, but of our lives. Of my life. Everything that happens in our lives that catches us by surprise or uncertianty, He already knows about — and He already is putting the pieces in place to respond! That is what is so amazing and cool. Just like in Esther 3 — everybody was bewildered and shocked by what Haman did. Those who lived in Susa were “bewildered”. But before Mordecai began standing up while everyone else bowed, long before Haman’s rage began to boil, long before the signet ring was applied to the edict, God already had begun shifting people to the places they needed to be so that He could cancel the edict.

Is that not cool!

He is so much bigger — and in the middle of my life circumstances I so easily forget that. It’s one thing to say He’s in control, but if I could truly grasp that He’s not only in control, but so on top of it, WOW! My stress level would go down and my trust level up!

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Edna said...

I love to study Revelations and it is so great to know that as a Christian I will not be in that terrible time. God will rein!!



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