Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Turning an Idea into a Book, Part 1

One challenge both published and not-yet-published authors have is how to rein in an idea and turn it into a book. My friend Tricia Goyer posted on twitter last week about the reality that you have to reach a point with your research where you stop and start writing. But knowing when you’ve reached that point is so hard!

Research is often the key to that ah-ha moment. The moment where you realize you have an idea that generates passion and excitement in you as an author. The moment when characters begin to raise their hands and demand to tell their story.

The key is learning how to find that balance. When to keep researching and how to stop.

For my Ohio series for Heartsong Presents I had one idea. An idea that I uncovered in a London museum. The tidbit was enough to be the historical hook for one story, but certainly not enough for three. And three is a requirement So what did I do when my editor asked to see all three ideas?

Come back Friday, and I'll share some of my tips. Also, let me know what questions you have about writing. And I've got great news to share soon. I'm just waiting on the actual contract...You'll see it here first!


Timothy Fish said...

For me, I do research as needed and story is the most important thing.

The Herd said...

I saw your interview on another blog and thought I'd check your site out.
My family and I live in Russia and I am an avid reader and I love to write on my blog--haven't tried a book yet though...maybe someday!!


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