Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More with the Munsons...

Here's our second installment of the interview with the Munsons. Read to the bottom for a synopsis of one of their latest suspense novels.

You write your books together. How does that work in a practical way? Do you take turns writing scenes? Each write different character’s scenes? Etc.

David loves to tell readers that we have discovered a unique writing format: Diane starts at the beginning and he starts at the end and write backwards. When we meet in middle, we’re done.
It is good for a laugh. In reality, it is not so tidy. We aim to first build the characters, to ask what are their dreams and conflicts, and then forge a compelling story about what our characters are facing. Then we create a mini-outline where we hope to go.

Because we each have our areas of expertise—David worked
undercover for years convincing drug cartels that he was one of
them and Diane both prosecuted and defended cases—we each write the scenes where we feel the skills coming forth. Then we read each others’ scenes or chapters and edit using track changes. What a marvelous invention. One of us gets to do the final edits so the voices are consistent. Can you guess who?

Anything else you want to tell us about your books?

The novels highlight many of the things we’ve done, fictionalize cases we’ve been involved in or places we’ve traveled, so the settings and agents, police officers, judges, and lawyers are realistic.
In our next release, Hero’s Ransom, watch for such intriguing places as Kazakhstan, where we got embroiled in a murder investigation by the KGB and Thailand where David survived a wild encounter with an elephant.

Where can readers find you on the web?

All readers are invited to read more about us, our writing, and appearances at They can sign up for our free e-mail newsletter or enter an occasional contest. It’s a family-friendly site with some Q&A about the justice system.

Last question: if you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and who would you take (other than each other :-) ).

Diane – Maybe the Sudan? Alaska. Go with David, but if he was away on his own trip, my sister Michele who practices medicine in Texas.

Here are the blurbs on these books:

The Camelot Conspiracy: The Camelot Conspiracy rocks with a sinister plot even more menacing than the headlines. Former DC insiders Diane and David Munson feature a brash TV reporter, Kat Kowicki, who receives an ominous email that throws her into the high stakes conspiracy of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. When Kat uncovers evidence Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, she turns for help to Federal Special Agents Eva Montanna and Griff Topping who uncover the chilling truth: A shadow government threatens to tear down the very foundation of the American justice system.

CIA Agent Bo Rider (The Camelot Conspiracy) and Federal Agents Eva Montanna and Griff Topping (Facing Justice, Confirming Justice, The Camelot Conspiracy) return in Hero’s Ransom, the Munsons’ fourth family-friendly adventure. When archeologist Amber Worthing uncovers a two-thousand-year-old mummy and witnesses a secret rocket launch at a Chinese missile base, she is arrested for espionage. Her imprisonment sparks a custody battle between grandparents over her young son, Lucas. Caught between sinister world powers, Amber’s faith is tested in ways she never dreamed possible. Danger escalates as Bo races to stop China’s killer satellite from destroying America, and with Eva and Griff’s help, to rescue Amber using an unexpected ransom.

Based on their exciting careers, Diane, former federal prosecutor, and David, former federal agent, blend insiders’ savvy and surprising plot twists to ratchet up the tension in Hero’s Ransom, captivating readers. You won’t blink from page one until the end.

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