Monday, November 09, 2009

Thank you, ACFW

Last week I signed my first trade contract. I'll be writing a historical romantic suspense for Summerside Press. And I am thrilled! I met the team at the Christian Book Expo in Dallas back in March. I really enjoyed all of them, but didn't necessarily think I'd have the opportunity to write for them. While you've probably seen their Love Finds You In... books, right now I will be writing for a new line for them. I'm so excited about this historical suspense line. Susan May Warren and Tricia Goyer, both fabulous writers, are kicking off the line in February. And then my book releases in July!

So look for some fun related to Hollywood and World War Two over the next few months, though I'll be spending a lot of time writing, because I also have a contract offer to write in Guidesposts next mystery series. I am really excited about that too. Six authors will be writing this series and we've already started work on that series, too.

And as I've marveled at the opportunities I have, I keep coming back to ACFW. I met Beth Adams, my Guideposts editor, at the 2008 conference, and we clicked. Susan Downs, my Summerside editor, and I have gotten to know each other through ACFW. And that's barely the tip of the iceberg for all I've gained from being a member of ACFW.

I've learned how to write. I've found mentors like Colleen Coble and Tricia Goyer. I've participated in contests as a writer and author that provided invaluable feedback. And I've been encouraged every step of the journey. So if you have a dream to write a book, be sure to check out ACFW. I wouldn't be where I am without ACFW.

And ACFW is rapidly approaching 2000 members. A very exciting mile marker for the organization and for the 2000 member who will receive a box packed with Christian fiction!


Casey said...

Totally agree with you, Cara! I joined the critique group and am loving it! Not to mention learning so much through the courses and the helpful advice and willingness of the other members to answer any question. Wish I had come in later for that box of books:D Oh, well wouldn't trade where I'm at for anything!

Homeslice said...

Hi, I'm a beginning author myself. Wel, more like I've been writing since I was eleven, and now at sixteen I'm definately improving. Someone suggested that I go to this website so that's good! Though I want my suff to go big like that guy who wrote the Eragon series, Christopher Paolini. Thought He was a pure genius and created a whole world. I'm still working on full plots. I believe I will et there one day!

bigguysmama said...

Congrats Cara! So excited to learn more about this line as the new books come out!!


Carole said...

Congratulations, Cara! I'm thrilled for you and will be watching for this promising series.


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