Monday, December 07, 2009

A Couple Reviews

I've recently read a few great books. Here are two (and for the FTC: the first one I bought and the second I received from the author as a thanks for helping with some legal aspect of the novel -- one I can't even remember helping with!). Both of these are wonderful books...and very worth your reading time -- though very different genres.

I loved each book of this series and literally could not wait to read the finale. Piece de Resistance was the perfect way to end a delightful series. Lexi's back in the states and trying to make a go of a bakery - only problem, she has 12 months of capital and hates the business end of baking. Add in her love life, and she's got lots of fun challenges. I loved this book and watching Lexi grow through the series. My only regret? That it's the end of the series.

Let Darkness Come follows a murder trial that is handed off to a young attorney who has no business defending a murder case on her own. As an attorney and author, I often find it hard to get sucked into a legal story without being distracted by either legal errors or my editor's eye. With this book, neither was an issue. Instead, the world stopped while I read Briley's quest for justice. And the twists were a lot of fun and kept the pages turning -- especially at the end. And if you've come to expect the unexpected from Angela Hunt's books, you will not be disappointed with the questions she raises as she wraps the book up. I hope she writes more legal suspense!


Casey said...

The books look good. I have yet to read an Angela Hunt book, I know, I am SO not with it.:) But her books are on my TBR "mental stack". Also, Cara, reading TBF and loving it!

Carole said...

I appreciated your reviews, Cara. I've never read Sandra's books, but will try to now. As for Angela's book, I took advantage of a good deal in pre-ordering it for my Kindle. From your comments, I'm sure it will be good.


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