Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My books through a 9 year olds eyes

Eric and the kids have been reading A Promise Born -- a chapter or so a night.

That's not enough for our nine year-old, so she's been reading it on her own at night. And letting me know exactly what she thinks!

The other day she let Eric and me know that she'd read the end and knew how it turned out. "Really?" Eric asked. "Yes, I had to know what happened and now I do." That works until something unexpected happens.

"Mom!" She ran into the office the other night. "How could you?"

"How could I what?"

"You let them fight!" Ah, the drama of historical romance. And now she's begging for Kat's story. Kat is the heroine in A Promise Forged and shows up in A Promise Forged and A Promise Born. She'll just have to wait until February like the rest of you.


Casey said...

That's pretty neat. I hope to have such a fan club someday. :) Thanks for sharing the story, made me smile :D

Pamela Meyers said...

Haha. Nine-year-olds and grown men. Remember how I read Captive Dreams aloud to my very grown guy friend as we traveled on a day trip last Labor Day? He came inside because we got to my place before I got to the end. We sat here reading it together before he went home :-) I for one look forward to reading the next series, Cara. I know I'll enjoy it!


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