Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Bishop: review

I waited and waited and waited for the release of Stephen James' next novel and The Bishop did not disappoint. This is the perfect book for people who like a gritty, forensic, serial-killer type of book.

The one caveat I have to put on it is that if you can't handle gruesome murder scenes, either skip those pages or the book.

But Patrick Bowers and many characters are back from earlier books with all the many layers to the book that involves. Finding the killers is still the driving force of the book, but there is so much else going on the book has a richness I love. It also moves quickly through the 500+ pages -- I finished it in 24 hours. And even though I anticipated a couple of the twists, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Steven James is a master of taking a basic plot and twisting it up with so many knots and layers that as a reader I am compelled to keep reading.

I can't wait for the next book because I see a large confrontation looming. So if you like books like Lisa Gardner's FBI forensic series, you will thoroughly enjoy this book and series.

Steven James Launch Party!

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