Monday, August 30, 2010

Who's Call is Greater?

This is a question I've been thinking about...a lot. I tend to get in these little ruts...where I know something...but God has to take me through it again to remind me of what I know. Can anyone relate?

This time it was thinking about if one call is greater than another...

It started at the Chris Tomlin/TobyMac concert we went to at the Indy state fair. I think you've all heard me say how great it was, but as I was standing there worshiping with a few thousand of my closest friends, I started thinking. Always the start of trouble. It went along the lines of this:

What could be cooler than having a calling like Chris Tomlin? Think about it...going around the world to usher people into the presence of God. Wow! And I suppose if I'm honest, somewhere in there was the next thought. Wish I had a calling like that...

Perfect opportunity for God to get my attention. And over the next few days I started thinking about how flawed that idea was. Yes, Chris Tomlin has an awesome calling. But God has something awesome for each of us. But it's unique to each of us. So if I take my calling lightly or shortcount it because it's not cool enough (in my mind), then I am missing God's call for my life. And that's His best for ME.

After all, isn't that where I want to be? In the center of His will for MY life.



Anne Mateer said...

This is definitely an issue I've had to deal with. I often envied other people's callings. But like you said, the more I have come to want to be in the center of God's will, the more comfortable--and excited--I've become about my calling, even if it looks completely different from everyone else's.

Another area in which we've dealt with this is in my husband's law practice. People often couldn't grasp that this was not just his job--it was his calling.

Cara Putman said...

Exactly! All of our life can be a calling.

Deb Johnson said...

Our global pastor is preparing to go on a missions trip for 90 days. His message was about the cause. If there is a cause then there is a calling. As christians we have the greatest cause. People are going to enternity without knowing our Lord. So there is a cause. What is our calling. We are the hands and feet of God. We must find our calling and are we going to step into our calling our just be "Sunday-go to churchers!" I love my calling-my problem is that I have to learn that not everything is my calling. Learn to say no and it is ok. Learn to do my calling with my everything and let others do theirs!

Cara Putman said...

Amen, Deb. Why do we as women feel like we have to say yes to everything? I'm learning -- very slowly to say no to the good things so I can focus on God's best for me.

Crystal Laine Miller said...

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than when someone has envied me for whatever reason (my work, my marriage, my children, my know.) They might have even approached me and said to my face how much I'm envied and it grows to resentment. I feel awful when that happens.

And I know I've been guilty of this--probably in writing--but suddenly someone's pained, envious face appears to me (even to the point of trying to sabotage what I'm given to do) and I repent immediately.

BUT with that said, I think sometimes observing someone else in her call can inspire and yes, perhaps be part of God calling us to what He chooses for us. In that case you don't want to exchange places with that person, but that person has shown you a path.

It can be a fine line. And if you go after a path that God wanted for someone else, you miss your own call.

Such a provocative post! (and I love how you are transparent when you think!) :)


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