Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New Carpet anyone...

This week we're getting new carpet. Can I just say ugh!

Imagine moving...without moving. Every stick of furniture in our house has to move. Closets have to be cleared to hip height. Imagine all the "stuff" five people accumulate when they've lived in the same spot for eight years. Now add in an extra five very high bookshelves.

What a process.

It's a good long as we are ruthless about purging. We're using it as the catalyst to rearrange kids' rooms and by extension our room. But it's a process. One I don't want to repeat for at least twenty years. So if you hear any groans coming from Indiana, just attribute them to us.

And my husband, poor guy, has had to do most of the moving. The joys of hitting my third trimester in a few days. He's been amazing!


Casey said...

Ah, new carpet for my house sounds really, really good! We have had green "grass" carpet for as long as I have lived here - going on 17 years. Certainly not by choice that we have kept it. :) You are continually in my prayers-- now I know why, ha! :)

Kameko said...

I don't envy you at all. Much as I would like new flooring, I wouldn't want to go through all of that!
Sending up prayers that the purging goes well and the carpet is quickly "laid to rest" with furniture following shortly thereafter.



Crystal Laine Miller said...

I hear your groans and soon I hope/dread to make my own groans! We've lived here 13 years. I had hoped to move, but alas, NOT. So now it has become imperative to change flooring. Especially since our new puppy has worked on chewing up the carpet in the dining room/front room. I decided when we replace that, I'm getting hardwood or more tile.

But then we also need to replace the carpet upstairs. All of my furniture weighs a ton.

These are the annoyances that you hope you don't have to repeat too often. I'll be glad when it's done.

I bet yours looks nice. That's what happens if you live somewhere too long! This is the longest I've ever lived in a place.


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