Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Temporary Home

A friend posted this recent Carrie Underwood video on her facebook page. The first scene with the little boy made me think of the Children in Need of Services cases I worked. But watch through. What a message and reminder that this is our temporary home. Our true home is still coming. But you'd better have a tissue ready!


Casey said...

Oh, I love this song and video! I even went out and bought the download of her song from Amazon. Jesus Take the Wheel is another good one by Carrie.

Kameko said...

Wow - what an impact that song and video makes. I had not heard it yet. Thanks for sharing it.


Thou Art Jules said...

I agree! It always reminded me of children who are in need even before I saw the video. We just recieved custody of a teen who still has an active CHINS but praying that we will have all of that taken care of soon.

I admire everyone who works with children. Just this one child and his situation has made me open my eyes to what is going on out there and I just can't say enough for all of you who work with them on a daily basis!


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