Thursday, September 09, 2010

Stars in the Night & ACFW Bookclub

Stars in the Night is currently one of a dozen good books being voted on for the ACFW Bookclub's book in January. If you're a member, would you mind popping over and voting for it?

If you aren't a member, it's really easy to become one and free! All you have to do is send a blank email to: . After you do that, go to this link, where you'll see all the great historical options. Then I'd love to have you vote for Stars, but if there's another book you'd prefer, then vote for that one :-)

Here's more on the bookclub:
American Christian Fiction Writers is proud to sponsor the ACFW Book Club. Our goal is to connect readers of Christian fiction with today's best and brightest Christian authors. Members are invited to read and discuss the "Book of the Month" here.  In addition, chats with the author of our chosen Book of the Month will be held the first Monday of every month in the chat room at Announcements will be posted letting members know what book(s) the group is reading and when chats will be held.

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