Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Looking for a Writer's Conference? Come to ACFW

In a couple weeks I'll start one of my favorite times of the year, running first time orientation for the ACFW conference. A few years ago we realized that approximately a third of our attendees any given year were first timers. I'll never forget my first time at conference in 2005.

I went with a fellow writer from Indiana -- a gal I'd met once or twice -- yet, we became fast friends in the six hour drive to Nashville. I met Tracie Peterson for the first time looking like a drowned cat -- boy, would I like a photo of that first impression! That first conference launched my writing career...introducing me to editors, agents and other writers. Finding out that I wasn't crazy for thinking a bit differently from others.
This year, the conference will be in Dallas at the Hyatt Regency DFW. It's literally at the airport...a short walk or shuttle ride from baggage. It will be a great location for us with lots of room for a bookstore, workshops, meals and more.

I'm excited that this year's keynote speaker is Michael Hyatt. His blog is always worth reading, packed with leadership tips. I can't wait to hear what he shares with us.

There are so many reasons to come if you are a Christian fiction writer. I've attended each one since 2005. Why?

  • Because it's the one time a year, I get to spend time with many of my dearest writing friends. It really is like a giant (we're expecting 700+ this year) family reunion.
  • I learn so much from the workshops and speakers.
  • I get to give back a fraction of what has been given to me. This year I'm co-teaching a continuing education session with the amazing Tricia Goyer (love her!). In four hours we'll try to cover the basics on taking a book from an idea to publishable. 
  • I get to celebrate with friends as the Carol and Genesis Awards are handed out at the Gala.
But why do I invest two months in the first time orientation program? Because I remember what it was like to step into the conference hotel. To have spent hours traveling from my home to a destination that held so many of my dreams. To know that even as an extrovert, I was scared and out of my comfort zone. I want to remove as many of those concerns and replace them with information, friendships, and the certainty that if God has prepared a way to attend, then He has a plan for your time at ACFW. So come expecting and excited to see what He will do.

One thing I know with certainty. God always shows up and works in amazing ways at ACFW.

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Casey said...

You do a GREAT job of the orientation, made all the difference for me!

I can't WAIT to see you again this year!!!!!


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