Friday, October 12, 2012

3 Reasons I Love Writing Christian Fiction

Ignore the fact that the expression on my face in this photo with my buddy Tricia Goyer is just plain odd...I had to share it because Tricia is one of those reasons I love writing Christian fiction. Why you ask?

1) Christian fiction authors are a community. ACFW is a party with 700 in the writing family. Next month I'll be at a retreat for published authors that is also all about community. We share the journey with a minimum of competition. It is AMAZING to be part of this world.

2) I get to interact with the best folks. I'm working on my next World War II novel. I like to call it
research, write, research, write, research some more. Because my heroine is a photojournalist, I've been on the hunt for resources. I've found a few, but because of #1 above, I emailed my writing buds Sarah Sundin, Dan Walsh and Tricia Goyer to see if they'd run across any great books they'd recommend I read. Dan recommended one that lead to me finding another AMAZING book. And Tricia is going to actually loan me a few of hers. Sarah had a couple thoughts, too. Have I mentioned they're AMAZING. And the bibliography for this book -- I wish I had a couple weeks to devour all the books instead of focus on the Italy chapters.

3) As I research, I find a zillion ideas for future books -- books that will highlight the way God is always with us. I can't read about the battle around Anzio and Monte Cassino, Italy -- known as Purple Heart Valley -- without wanting to weep at the lives lost. At the same time I am challenged and inspired by a generation that fought the hard fight. Don't we need that kind of challenge? I know I do!

Has God placed you in community? How has that helped you on your journey?

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