Friday, August 11, 2006

Books That Inspire Writers

On her blog It's Real Life, my friend Tricia Goyer posted today about books that inspire writers. If you love books, take a moment to pop over and read it. I enjoyed learning which books inspired some of my favorite writers. What books do you return to over and over again?

I love really good historical fiction. By good I mean the author got the setting and details right while keeping the story interesting. I love to learn something. I grew up reading Bodie Thoene's series on the birth of the modern Jewish State (The Zion Chronicles) and then her pre-WWII series set in Europe (The Zion Covenant). I didn't know much about the 1948 War in Palestine, but I loved her books. Then I saw a documentary on PBS and knew before the narrator told us exactly where the events occurred and the details. Now that's GOOD historical fiction! And Tricia Goyer's is of the same caliber. She takes the time to do the research and get it right. Check back next week for a contest for an autographed copy of her latest WWII release, Arms of Deliverance.

There are so many genres and authors that I thoroughly enjoy. Get the details right. Write a tight story with engaging characters. Chances are, if those details are in place, I'll lose some sleep before I finish reading the book.

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