Wednesday, August 30, 2006


CONGRATULATIONS to my baby brother Joel who just got engaged and is getting married next month. Wow! It's really hard to wrap my mind around the fact he's old enough to get married. Sure, he'll be 26 at Christmas, but really should a baby brother be allowed to get married no matter how old he is. Michelle, I've tried to train him well. Now he's all yours :-)

And yesterday I got a copy of Trish Perry's first book, The Guy I'm Not Dating. Now folks, I have not read the entire book yet -- when I have I'll give you the full scoop -- but at 12:30 this morning I finally put it down (on page 78!). It's hilarious, and the characters fresh and fun. Trish's writing is vivid, and if you like chick lit, I really think you'll like this book. Stay tuned for more...and don't you love the cover!

How's that for a pinch of this and that.

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