Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Cupcake Ban?

Monday I found this article about schools in Pinellas County, Florida limiting how many times a year cupcakes could be brought to school for special occassions. (Click here for the local take). Sounds like similar policies are being adopted in other communities, too (click here for more). Made me think of three things:

1) only in America would a policy be required to address how many birthday cupcakes is too many for a school child to consume during one school year,
2) My children are still young enough that these issues just make me smile rather than race to come up with an alternative snack, and
3) As long as the ban doesn't cover chocolate cupcakes, I'm okay with it. Though I do need someone to explain how tortilla chips are better for us than cupcakes.

Okay, I've thought of one more, so let's make it four:
4) I now have another great reason Abigail should be glad we're homeschooling her this year (shh, don't tell her that Indiana doesn't have such a policy yet...that I'm aware of). She can eat all the cupcakes she can talk me into baking. "Mommy, let's practice fractions today..."

So if you can't send cupcakes in on your child's birthday, what would you send? Cereal bar, anyone?


Leticia said...

At my son's orientation we were told that the children were only allowed to have 9 snack days throughout the year. This means that the entire school must agree on days when a party can be given so all classes can participate or if a teacher does it on her own, the whole school will lose a "snack day."

And absolutely no candy can be given out for any reason before 3:00 PM.

Poor kids!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Last year my son's teacher wanted everyone to bring fruit for the birthday celebration. Okay, in our house we love fruit, but please!

What kid wants to have a birthday pear? I say let them be children as long as they can. (all the while teaching them about limits and over indulgence)

Camy Tang said...

That's ridiculous! What's up with these people? They actually wasted time coming up with this policy?

Fractions with cupcakes? You clever woman.


Crystal said...

I'm telling ya, this is a precursor to a time when if you take your kid to McDonald's it will be considered "child abuse." In my kids' HS the art teacher bakes birthday cupcakes for the kids in her class! ha One of my boys is always trying to trick her and tells her it's his birthday about once a month (she hasn't fallen for it yet, even though he's been doing it for the last four years...) Oh, yeah. Can I come to your house for school??


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