Friday, September 01, 2006

Time Warp, Anyone?

I wonder if any of you can relate to this.

I'm walking through one of those mega-store, super-centers earlier today. Looking at all the women pushing carts loaded down with kids, groceries, and other sundries. Poor women. I'm glad I'm not that old.

Then I look in my cart. One almost three year old little boy, with an almost six year old tagging along behind. Random cans of beans and fruit. Ohmigosh. I am that old! Yikes!

I perpetually think I'm another age than I am. As a kid, I never thought I'd reach that all powerful age of 16. Then I did. The moving target became 25. Once I'm 25 people will have to take me seriously. You see, I've usually been a bit young. Sixteen when I started college. Barely twenty when I graduated. Twenty-one when I got married. Etc. But now, I'm 32. I need to stop thinking of myself as some really young twenty-five year old. Maybe it's time to enjoy being 32.

I tell the passage of time more by how big my kids and friends' children are than the turning of calendar pages. My oldest niece turned ten last month. Now that's a reality check!

Can anyone else relate? Or am I just a really weird person stuck in my own personal time warp?


Gina said...

I can totally relate. I can hardly believe I'll be 38 YIKES in a few months. I don't look or feel a day over 25 yrs [WINK] in my dreams.

I go shopping and see all the fun fashions and then have to remember I'm THAT old and can't wear THOSE fashions any more.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Well...I still think I'm about 25. But I'm ok with that. (I'm 34)

Phil's daugther is getting MARRIED in February. If they have children anytime in the next--oh--6 years I'll be a grandma. How's that for a kick in the seat???

Crystal said...

Ok, I've always considered myself "old" and having never gotten to be a "kid." (Tough life) Then, I had kids when I was nearly 30, and didn't start really writing until I was 40. When I'm around you, I feel really, really old, so you are not that old. (grin) What is really funny is when the kids today think stuff I wore in HS is great. Then, I almost feel young again (because I was a fashion plate back then. ha!)

Sabrina L. Fox said...

I was sitting next to my girlfriend last Thursday at church and I leaned over and said "Don't you wish we could still go to youth group?"

Yes, I can totally relate! ;) And Crystal, I've always thought of myself as a little older. (I think that has to do with being an only child) But I assure you, we do NOT think of you as old. You're just one of the girls, sister!

Leticia said...

I definitely can relate. I am 36-years-old and I don't feel a day over 25, hee. I am still a kid at heart, just ask my friends and family.

However, you described most women walking around with their kids piled up along with the groceries at the market.

Dominic Ebacher said...

Good luck, your life seems interesting!

Peace and Love!

Dominic Ebacher

melissa said...

See the comment above? By Dominic? Well he did a google blog search with the filters "i'm 25" -"i'm married" -"my husband" and -lesbian. then left comments on every blog that fit the filter pretty much, mine included... here to: Creepy much? Ah the beauty of Stat counter. It tells me exactly how he find me. I repeated his search, that's how I found you and your comment.

so if he comes around again... ignore him. weirdo.


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