Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Godly Heritage

The kids and I made it back from Nebraska last night. Thanks to Mason, who proved to be an excellent writer. You never know what kind of talent is hiding behind soft black eyes.

It was a whirlwind weekend. My baby brother's wedding followed by celebrating my grandparents sixty years of marriage sandwiched with another wedding celebration. Times like that make you consider what's really important.

As my cousins, siblings and I reminisced about what meant the most to us about our grandparents, it was amazing to see common threads. The family gatherings/celebrations at the drop of a hat. Any excuse would work really. Birthdays, Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter, It's-been-too-long-since-we-all-got-together. Games. Games of every sort: ten point pitch, cribbage, gestures, trivial pursuit, 500, you get the idea. Even cleaning chickens -- nasty business that it is -- formed a core line of memories. And each memory is an anchor point that makes us family.

We enjoy being together. There is a genuine love and affection for each other. The kind that says I will be there tomorrow if you need me. Because family is so much more important than other things.

My throat is tight as I consider what a rich, godly heritage that is. And it all started sixty-four years ago when Grandma and Grandpa met at a dance in small town Nebraska. Four children, seven grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren (and we've hardly begun!) later that history of love and commitment is alive and well.

So was your family similar? What memories are important to you?

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Trish Ryan said...

I always get choked up at family gatherings - just amazed that we're all connected, and that through a miracle of God, we all like each other :)

And now I'm thankful that our decades of family gatherings have never included cleaning chickens - you're braver than I!


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