Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hungarian Moral Crisis?

A couple days ago the Voice of America ran this article about the upheaval in Hungary. A tape of the prime minister was leaked on the national media in which the prime minister stated that his party had lied to people in the spring's election. It was all part of their reelection plans.

Seems he lied about the state of the economy. Currently, Hungary leads the European Union with the highest budget deficiet.

In 1994 I spent almost a week in Budapest and the surrounding areas. The fall of Communism was only five years in the past, but it was an amazing country on the rebound. At that time it lead Eastern Europe in its plans to recover from Communism. I don't know if the Danube will ever recover from the pollution, but the streets were dotted with Western businesses. One night I even went to a Burger King just for some familiar comfort food.

I hope to return someday and see and learn more about this country and its history. And I pray this resilient people will rebound from today's lies and continue to build their future.

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