Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Moment with Trish Perry

I asked Trish to tell us a bit more about how she developed Kara as a character. I have to admit I love the name she choose! Here are Trish's thoughts. Enjoy!

When Kara came into existence, she was originally the heroine's sidekick, because I actually wrote the follow-up book, Too Good to Be True, first. My publisher decided to switch the order of the two books, which required some significant rewriting (we won't go there).

So Kara's profession wasn't a deep, thought-provoking puzzle; she wasn't the "star" yet, in my mind. I simply wanted her to have a fairly low-pressure career, one that was more fun than some of the more intense professions.

Of course, for The Guy I'm Not Dating, she was the "it" girl, and her clumsiness surfaced without my really noticing it. The first time a crit partner mentioned her being clumsy, I was actually surprised! Kara was just always pretty much "with it" when I wrote Too Good to Be True, and we all know women like that. I liked the idea of her clumsiness surfacing in The Guy I'm Not Dating, whenever that good-looking Gabe was around. I think we've all been women like that!

Another interesting development was that my sister became a personal trainer while I was writing Kara's story. I had to make sure my sister knew I hadn't based Kara on her. Didn't want my sister to think I was jotting down notes whenever she and I got together!

Thanks, Trish! And be sure to click on the link for Too Good to Be True because the cover for that one is as great as the first one.

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