Sunday, September 17, 2006

What Is Your Word?

Is there a word that makes you happy? For me it is rather simple: Walk.

I hear that magical phrase, “let’s go for a walk” and I am one happy puppy. Turns me inside out with joy. The familiar sounds of my leash coming off the hook and I’m racing to meet you at the front door.

So what makes you happy? Is it an unexpected compliment? A note of appreciation? A spontaneous cup of coffee with a friend? (A book contract?) There are a million ways that a day can be brightened by a random act of kindness.

Let me turn that question around. So what are you doing to bring joy to others? Surprise a friend today. Give ‘em a compliment. Pat ‘em on the head. Give ‘em a treat. And if you’ve still got time, invite ‘em for a walk. See you at the front door!


Crystal said...

If I say, "Want a cookie?" to my little Westie, Lizzie, she wiggles all over and immediately goes into all of her tricks, such as "sit" and "shake a paw" and "down" and "dance!" If we all could be so happy for a simple little thing like that. I'll have to think about these pauses of joy. We all should have them built into every day. (Here's your pat on the head!)

Trish Ryan said...

I think my word is SUSHI!

Or possiblly BOOKSALE! (but that's kind of cheating...)


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