Sunday, September 24, 2006

Safely Home

I'm back home again in Indiana. I unpacked and heaved a sigh of relief. My suitcase will collect dust for a couple weeks before I head out again.

My head continues to spin from the incredible depth and breadth of God's love. As I waited for my planes in the Dallas and Chicago airports, my fingers flew across my laptop's keyboards. I am desperate to capture what is happening in my life before the pace of life makes me forget.

I might share some of those thoughts with you, but for now I want to leave you with the words of a song that ministered to me deeply this morning as I walked through the Chicago airport. My body may have walked the terminals, but my heart was soaring to the throneroom as I worshipped Him with desperateness. The more doors God opens, the more desperate I am to hear Him speak to me. Enjoy:

Praise You in the Storm, by Casting Crowns

You can listen to the song here. I pray it ministers to you like it did to me today!


Trish Ryan said...

Isn't it funny how a song can hit you at a certain place and time in life and capture (as much as possible, anyway) where we are in that moment? I just got back from a conference were the Hillsong team lead worship and two of their songs are echoing over and over through my head.

Enjoy being home - and preparing for publication!!!

Anonymous said...


I just love this song. What a beautiful reminder to give all praise to the Lord. Even in the storms of life.

Congrats on the contract for publishing! I have been praying that God would help you through this, it is wonderful to see that HIS timing is worth waiting on isn't it?!


Cathy West said...

Hey Cara,
I didn't really get to meet you in person, but I saw you at conference. Congrats girl! That's awesome. And yes, this song has ministered to me many, many times over this past year. Somedays all I could do was sit in the car and listen, tears streaming down my face. I couldn't praise Him vocally yet. Other days, I was able to sing it, and mean it.
Praise Him for songs like this one, and for the prayer warriors that help carry us through the tough times. And most of all, thank You Father, You are so faithful.


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