Friday, June 08, 2007

Are Vaccines Linked to Autism?

Starting June 11th, the Court of Federal Claims will start a test trial to determine whether the mercury contained in vaccines is directly linked to the surge in autism.

I clerked for a senior judge at this court for a year after law school. It is a unique court in that the United States is always the defendant. Since 1986, if you believe a illness or health change is caused by vaccines, the court is also the only place you can seek compensation. Each time we are vaccinated there is a 75 cent excise tax that is paid into the vaccine fund. According to a article, that's $200 million a year.

While I didn't work on any of the vaccine cases, I read several decisions that were issued during my tenure, and the facts in each was heartbreaking. The trial that starts next week is designed to streamline the process for the 5,100 other cases that have been filed.

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