Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Here are some suggestions I've received from creative friends of mine. Which ones do you like? Does it trigger ideas? Share em!

Running From Shadows
Garden of Deception (because the gardener is the red herring, and this throws more suspicion on him.)
Garden of Deceit (same reason as above)
Inside Out (you said Dani finds her life turned inside out in a week.)
Spiral (God is the only one that can help her when her life spirals out of control. Also the murder, kidnapping, and stalking are all intertwined.)
Murderous Intent
Deadly Intent
Top Story
Lead Story
First on the Scene
Witness to the crime
Murder between acts
A Beautiful Murder
The Deadly Scent of a Rose
Deadly Exposure
Deadly Story
Curtain Call
What do you think? I have 24 hours to compile the list for my editor. Yikes!


Sabrina L. Fox said...

I like Deadly Exposure since she's a reporter a lot. With the way the killer set up the crime scene, A Beautiful Murder is kind of cool, too. And I like Lead Story. You have a tough job. I bet your editor will immediately know which one works best. Good luck!

Jonah said...

I was trying to think of something that involved theater and reporting and came up with Deadly Review.

Camy Tang said...

You can't just title it, "Great Story With Dead Body!"????


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