Monday, June 11, 2007

ACFW Conference Blog Tour

June 1st registration for the 2007 ACFW National Conference opens. In honor of that authors, editors, agents, ACFW board members, etc., are participating in a blog tour. These sites are all great for writers, and I encourage you to stop by and see what they have to say! I'll be posting on June 9th.

1 DiAnn Mills
1 Chip MacGregor , agent
2 Michelle Sutton, ACFW Board Member
3 Ane Mulligan, ACFW Board Member
4 Susan Downs, author and editor at Heartsong Presents Mysteries
4 Pamela James, ACFW Board Member
4 Colleen Coble, ACFW CEO
5 Tricia Goyer
6 Becky Germany, Barbour Editor
7 Novel Journey
8 JoAnne Simmons, Heartsong Presents Editor
9 ME :-)
10 Robin Miller writing as Robin Caroll, ACFW Prez
11 Gail Gaymer Martin ACFW Advisory Board
11 Pamela James
12 Rachel Hauck, ACFW Advisory Board
13 Brandilyn Collins, ACFW Advisory Board
13 Mary Demuth
14 Carrie Turanksy
15 Susan Meissner
16 & 17 Robin Miller writing as Robin Caroll: Robin really likes to talk about ACFW
18 Pamela James Pammer likes to talk about it, too
19 Katy McKenna
20 Pam Myers ACFW Secretary
21 Susan May Warren
22 Tiff Miller
23 Margaret Daley
24 Ron Estrada
25 Pamela James
26 Cheryl Wyatt
27 Dineen Miller
28 Tamera Alexander
28 Deeanne Gist
29 Tiff Miller
30 Robin Miller writing as Robin Caroll
July 1 Robin Jones Gunn


Ane Mulligan said...

You forgot to list ACFW Board Member by your name, Cara! :o)

Pam Meyers said...

LOL, did I sleep through the next couple weeks or so? You posted this on July 1st???? How'd you do that.

Pam (who thinks it's really June 12th)


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