Thursday, July 12, 2007

Puppy Dog Tales

The other night my husband started teaching our puppy to use the treadmill. She’s not sold on the idea, but more curious than I would have thought.

She walked on it while he held her there for about a minute. Then she circled it a couple times slipping onto the front edge of it.

Tonight she started pawing at the treadmill, and it took me a moment to realize that was her way of asking us to turn it on. She's been walking around it, on it, and ignoring it since then. Who would have thought a treadmill would be such an entertainment piece for her.

Part of me wonders what will happen when she wants to run with us…when we’re on it. Eric says we’ll throw her outside then. Of course, the other night she somehow unhooked her lead outside. A neighbor pounded on the door to ask if she’d found our puppy in the middle of the street. Talk about a heart attack waiting to happen! So we may be getting a fence a lot faster than we anticipated.

Maybe we should rename her MacGuyver or Houdini.

It is adorable to watch her experiment and process how to get on the treadmill. If only she wouldn't do that in other areas!

Okay, now share your crazy pet stories. I know you have them!

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