Monday, July 30, 2007

Swimming the Summer Away

I love our community. We've got great neighbors, many who have become friends and keep any thoughts of moving at bay.

But the best feature of our neighborhood during the summer is the community pool. We spend a lot of time there when the weather cooperates. And the kids and I have the tans to show it -- don't worry, we use lots of sunscreen, too.

Last week the kids had swimming lessons. Abigail has been fortunate to have the same instructor for four summers. Ms. Pat is fantastic with kids -- pushes them to be better but not to the point they'll drown. So little Abigail can now swim a good 20 yards in crawl and back crawl, has learned the elementary backstroke and sidestroke, is learning the breastroke and butterfly. Swim team here we come! Woohoo. By next summer she may be ready, if we can find a place to practice during the winter.

Jonathan was a hoot. His lesson was shorter, and he was much more vocal about wanting to do only what he wanted to do. But Friday during the last lesson, it all clicked. He now thinks he can swim. And really, he does pretty well for a three year old. Face in for a second, arms and legs moving. Then he looks up grins so big you wonder how he avoids swallowing the whole pool, and starts spinning in a circle.

I love summer!

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Kimberly said...

Hey Cara -
Long time since law school, eh? And congrats on your kids. I have a little boy (11 mos old) who is also named Jonathan. Anyhoo...I have finally bookmarked your blog and will keep reading in the future!


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