Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We're Headed to the Sun

My kids are precocious. I’m not the only one who says that. Most people who spend anytime with them will use that word or a similar one to describe them.

They are best friends. I love that. I know a time will come when they aren’t so willing to play with each other, but at 6 and 3 they really do enjoy each other. Most of the time. Though I did have to laugh a couple weeks ago when they each created a “secret” room in their closets. Well, our daughter created hers first; then she helped our son make his. His has been pretty dormant since the first day. Hers is in constant use. And I have to admit it’s pretty cute when they curl up in their to sleep. Both of them. In one closet. A walk in closet, but still a closet.

They also have imaginations that don’t stop. I love that. And try to cultivate it. Though there are days I’m certain I could hand them a paper bag and they’d create a show or play around it.

Tonight I went outside for 15 minutes to move the water, pull some weeds and other fun, but necessary yard chores. When I went back in, they were decked out in an assortment of carefully thought out gear. See photo.

The hats were just because astronauts wear hats. The jackets and second layer of clothes were to protect their skin from the sun and outer space. The backpacks contained 4 pounds of oxygen that could last as long as they need. Both had boots on to for walking in untested worlds.

Then they had an assortment of items to help them navigate. It was a riot to watch them make their presentation.

I love to watch them create, because God is a creative God. And He created us in His image. I firmly believe that when we are creating whether it’s a piece of art, a play, a book, a meal – anything really – at that time we are mirroring God.

And I love the feeling that comes when I meet God in the creating. There is nothing like having an on-going conversation with Him about how to develop a character or write a chapter or wrap up a book.

As summer speeds by, how do your kids use their imaginations? Are they transported to other worlds? To the bottom of the sea? I can’t wait to hear your stories.

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Anonymous said...

Kids are so much fun! I love to watch what kids are playing... creative!

My oldest son (age 10) is past that cute imagination stage...now he reads and writes.

My one and only daughter (age 8)has a thing for creating outfits and for arranging her room. She also still really likes to play "house" with her younger brothers.

Our third child (boy age 4.5) puts his imagination to work by building things and hooking things together and by taking things apart!!! one word describes this child: TOOLS! When he plays house with his sister he is ALWAYS the Dad and is going to work!

Our last, but not least, (son age 2.5) loves animals. He creates all kinds of interesting events with his little people animals and farm set. He also always has a kitten in tow if we are outside. When he plays house he likes to be the dog!

Heather C.


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