Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Book Trailers, Anyone?

Videos for books? Ever wonder about that? I'll admit that at this point, the idea scares me to death. In addition to all the writing, then we have to market. And many of my friends are now doing videos. Here's an example for what looks like a fun book that's releasing this fall.

Would you watch a short video on a book? Do you think it would make you more or less interested in buying the book?

by Brenda Coulter
Available in stores September 25.
Order now from Amazon. (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0373874537 )
Read most of the first chapter at BrendaCoulter.com

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Timothy Fish said...

I have seen Brenda's book trailor before. Will it encourage some people to buy the book that would not have otherwise? Very likely. Will it encourage me to buy the book, no, but that is because it is not the kind of book that I enjoy reading. If anything, her trailor will tell people like me enough about the book that we are not interest. As a potential customer, that is information that I need.

I debated whether I should create a trailor for Searching for Mom. The thing that sold me on the idea was when I saw the trailor for A Dangerous Book for Boys. The nature of that book is ideal for a trailor because they were able to show the benefits that a boy receives from reading the book? What boy wouldn't want to make a bow and arrow or ride down a hill in a cart? Unfortunately, we can't do the same for fiction. Instead, we are stuck with trying to show enough of the plot that they become interested in reading more. We also have the situation where we are trying to get readers interested in one particular plot among thousands. Trailors will be very helpful for some books, but for others they will not. Like many things that are involved in marketing, the best approach may be to put one out there and hope that it, combined with other things, will make a difference.


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