Friday, August 31, 2007

Unplugging? ACK!?!?!?

During our vacation, Eric and I unplugged – no wireless internet up in the cabin. Though we did find that one of the ice cream shops had wireless. Yes, an ice cream shop. However, by then it was a matter of principle not to check. I’ve got to be at least 1100 emails behind. Do you know how long that will take to download?!?!? Maybe our hotel tomorrow night will have wireless. If not, my computer will get quite the workout Sunday night.

He only pulled out his blackberry once or twice. I only turned on my cell phone a couple times a day to make sure nobody had left a message.

It’s amazing how – dare I say – addicted I am to email. I literally average 150 emails a day during relatively quite days. This doesn’t count the email that comes in but is automatically diverted to folders I flip through once or twice a week.

So my husband laughs at me and rolls his eyes, as I run to the computer to check email quickly several times an evening. And my kids usually know where to find me if I’ve disappeared.

This time away has shown me, I can go a day without email without twitching – too much. And that I need to develop a strategy to corral the tyranny of the urgent. It’s one of those crazy dilemmas…let it pile up and deal with it once or twice a day? Or deal with it in dribs and drabs as it collects over the day.

How do you handle the demands of a wired society?


Michelle Pendergrass said...

You should read Michael Hyatt's blog, he had a great series on handling email.

His blog is full of great stuff. I admire him for being so in touch and putting himself out there.

Pattie said...

I don't know, but if you figure it out, please let me know!

Timothy Fish said...

I recently went on vacation to go see my family. My Access to the Internet consisted of a dialup connection via a long distance line, which I did not use and a cell phone that would only work if I held it just right or drove to another location. I was able to read my e-mail, but it was not worth the trouble to respond to any of it.


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