Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blinking Lights and a Cat

We're on something like our 10th snowstorm this year. Sigh. I love winter. I love snow. But I am so ready for anything else. Sunday we hit 60 degrees; it was awesome. Monday started that way...then last night it sleeted and snowed. Same today.

So Monday night Eric peered through the blinds to see how much snow there was. I didn't believe him and had to check for myself.

Then I looked out again. Eric's car is blinking. Flashing. Winking. Whatever you want to call it.

Eric doesn't believe me. So he grabs the key fob, hits a button, and asks, "Is this better?"


He tries again.

Nope. Still blinking.

Finally, he comes to the window and checks for himself. Yep. The lights are blinking. Flashing. Winking.

Eric decides it's a good time to move his car inside. When he reaches the car he sees the source of the problem. Somehow our cat snuck into the car while Eric pulled groceries out. The cat is now standing on the front seat, batting at the hazard light button.

Mystery solved. :-)


Jonah said...

Smart cat!

Simple Family Supper lady said...

I had 2 of my barn cats sneak in to my van this winter.... they were in there almost 24 hours before I went out and discovered them! I had just purchased a bag of cat food that was still in the van... they ATE and ATE and ATE and then left me many "gifts"!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!! Hopefully your cat didn't leave you any presents!!!!
I am also so over with winter!!!!!!!! We knew it was going to be a long one because of something we found when we butchered our deers last fall. (we are a hunting family and we do our own butchering... when we did that last fall our deer had WAY more fat then usual... God prepared the deer for a long winter!)


Crystal Laine Miller said...

I love this story. Too funny. I'm glad the cat signaled you and got out. It might have been messy by the time you went back to the car.

I am so ready for spring! Sick of this weather, but we didn't get the 3-4 inches of snow like you all did! Just some ice and a dusting of snow. We bought a snowblower last fall and we have used it a ton (we live in the country and getting out is left to us most days.) What a great buy. But not only that, it is great fun! We fight over who gets to snowblow the drive. (ha)


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