Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rewrites: Joy or Angst

This has been quite a week. On Monday I got to hold Deadly Exposure -- Yeehaw! And I got my cover for Sandhill is gorgeous! And I got my rewrite letter from my editor for Captive Dreams.

Also this week, writers on an eloop I'm on have been moaning about and rejoicing in rewrites. Seems writers fall into two groups: those who dance for joy when they get their rewrite letter and those who sulk, balk, and dread the same missive.

I'm not sure where I fall yet.

The letter I got for Captive Dreams is my shortest to date. I'm taking that as a sign that maybe, just maybe, I'm improving with each book. At the same time, I'm finding an interesting thing. Because the letter was so short, I'm really combing the book as I go through it. Maybe subconsciously I'm convinced the editor missed something -- though one of the comments was to look for places to smooth the transitions.

This book was pure work for me. Canteen Dreams was a breeze to write...merging of passions. Sandhill Dreams was work but a I loved the story. Deadly Exposure was nothing short of tons of work, but I really wanted to see this story through. Captive Dreams I hated. Until about one week before I turned it in. Then I thought there might be something worth redeeming in the book.

Now as I read it with some distance...I'm enjoying it. Even as I find ways to improve it.

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