Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Restorer's Journey Review

The Restorer’s Journey is the third – and as of right now – final installment in the Sword of Lyric series authored by Sharon Hinck. This series has taken a fantasy hater and turned me into someone who couldn’t wait for the next book to release.

In this book Cameron and Medea, the bad guys in books one and two, have slipped into our world. Susan and Mark wonder what to do, and Jake tries to reconcile what happened to him while he was in Lyric. Now he’s the Restorer but doesn’t understand what that means or how he’ll be used.

This book pulled me through from page one. I told myself I’d save the book for a trip I had coming up. Didn’t happen. It teased me for about 12 hours before I dove into it. A day later I’d inhaled the book.

The Restorer’s Journey is a fantasy book, that manages to address deep spiritual issues without slowing down the plot. Susan’s struggle is so real…I could feel every twist and turn of her emotions and the challenge of accepting what God wanted her to do. I think we’ve all had times where we are convinced God has forgotten about us. That somehow we’ve become overlooked or unimportant. Yet He’s still there and cares deeply. There is a purpose to the season if we’ll slow down and listen.

And Jake’s journey was filled with valleys and peaks. Again, I think many of us have experienced similar periods of vacillating between pride and fear only to be trapped by our emotions.

This book is packed with a cast of supporting characters that add richness to the plot. The setting is as vibrant as in the prior books. And the twists kept the book from feeling like an after thought.

My only hope after ending the book is that there will be more!

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