Thursday, April 17, 2008

Few Thoughts from Patriarchs

The Bible study I'm involved in at church is halfway through Beth Moore's Patriarchs. If you've never done one of her studies, they are rich with meat and diving into the fullness of what God wants to reveal to us though His Word.

We watched the session five video last night. WOW! God continues to reveal so much and challenge me through this study. So today, I'm going to leave you with a couple random thoughts prompted by the video:

  • Do I make other people hungry for my God? I can point to times in my life where people could look at me and just tell. There was a difference. Am I there right now? If not, what am I willing to do to get back to that place? I really want that intimate relationship with Christ, but am I willing to pay the price?
  • Nothing in my life is random as a believer. I know this in my head, but will I walk in faith accepting that in all the hard times? I think this could be the lesson/journey of the last year. I can see so many ways -- especially through writing -- that His hand has guided and directed. I would not be where I am right now without His intentional direction. But do I look for that same sense of intention in the other areas of my life? Do I truly believe that everything is preordained? I say I do. And I think I believe it. But what peace and assurance can come from the realization, that what Jacob saw as a random place to stop was what God considered a divine meeting place. Wow!
  • Jacob set out to find a wife and found God. How often do we set out to do one thing, and God shows up? Am I looking for those times? Do I live with a sense of expectation that God will show up? I want to find God. I want to be aware of His movement in my life. Live life with eyes that see Him in every way that He moves.
  • God intentionally sought Jacob so He could become Jacob's God and not just the God of Abraham and Isaac. Just like God intentionally seeks each of us. That is what makes God -- Yahweh -- different from all other religions. He is the God who chooses to have relationship with us -- long before we are even aware of Him. WOW!!!!


kalea_kane said...

I have heard amazing things about her Bible studies. I really hope to get into one myself. Thanks so much for posting about this, because you gave me a little something to chew on. :)

Pam Meyers said...

I am a professing Beth Moore groupie.We did the Patriarchs last year at my church and this year we did Daniel. We've done five or six of her studies and I've done several others on my own. That is one anoited woman! I loved the depth of her studies and the fact that I always come out of one a more completed Christian than I was going in. We'll be doing another of hers in the fall but I don't yet know which one. I can't wait!


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