Monday, May 25, 2009

Lingering Effects...

Friday night I learned that two friends miscarried last week. My heart broke for them and the loss of their babies.

I have to tell you -- I don't understand why God allows such things to befall us in life. I wrestle with understanding His ways, His purpose, His plans. Yet I know that He is in control of our lives, He holds us in the palms of His hands, and He is trustworthy. How to tell these women that my fervent prayer is that they will see God take a situation that our enemy clearly intends for evil and transform it into good -- in a way that only He can.

To let them know that the pain and grief are real and must be processed. Yet God can and will surprise them with joy -- even on the darkest days.

For me, one of the goods that God has caused out of the loss is the ability to reach out to women experiencing a miscarriage. Because I have lived it, I can hug them and say I understand. I can pray and I can share.

Both women are getting a copy of Kathe Wunnenberg's book: Grieving the Child I Never Knew. It is the book I wish I had found in the early days after my miscarriage. It's one I still turn to -- more than two years later. I just hate that I need to order more.

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Linda said...

My deepest sympathies to your friends' loss of their baby, you, too. I was just talking to my husband about some of the losses we go through, thinking losing a baby being one of the hardest (next to a spouse). It's never happened to me, and I wouldn't wish it on any couple. Yes, God can and does redeem the loss, such as you experienced, but it's so hard.


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