Monday, May 04, 2009

This weekend I ran the Indianapolis 500 mini-marathon. The highlight for some folks is that they get to run on the race track -- 2.5 miles of racetrack. Ugh.

For me the highlight was that my amazing husband got to run with me. About four weeks ago we learned that Jonathan's first T-ball game was scheduled for the same morning, so Eric stopped training. Then Friday night as we're eating supper I get the call that the games are canceled due to all the rain we've received. Eric looked at me, and we both said "Murphy's Law."

He then decided to run. On twelve hours notice and no training. Isn't he incredible?!?!

His sisters really stepped up to help with the kids on incredibly short notice, with Rhonda picking them up late after work and Melinda spending the night with them and both playing with them the next day.

Eric ran with me the first ten miles. It was awesome! I'd dreaded running by myself, and God knew. So He worked things so my crazy husband could run the bulk of the race with me. Then when I was starting to hurt at mile 11 something, one of the bands was playing a Desperation Band song, Free to Run. I love that song! And it was such a kiss from heaven! Gave me the surge I needed to finish.

Now we're talking about the next one we'll run. Both of us training this time!

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stampedwithgrace said...

how exciting! good for you both :)


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