Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cornhusker Dreams

If you've been waiting to read Canteen Dreams, Sandhill Dreams, and Captive Dreams, Barbour is rereleasing them in one volume in November. Just in time for Christmas giving :-)

I received the copy of the cover last week. Isn't it great! There is something so exciting about seeing the cover for a book. Brings new life to the concept all over again.


Jessica said...

I LOVE that cover!!!!!

Linda said...

Have been wondering--are the pictures real people with drawings behind them. It's a great cover.

Crystal Laine Miller said...

The cover is beautiful. This line has the most beautiful look.

Looking forward to reading it.

Do you ever get the cover in a format that you could frame and hang on your wall?

Crystal Laine Miller said...

You know that I'm in chaos this week, right? Sigh. What a week.

Anyway, what I MEANT to say about Cornhusker Dreams was I can't wait to give it as gifts for my friends to read because I wanted to give your books out--this will make it soooo much easier.

I am just not sure I'm going to make it until Christmas...

Tough week.


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