Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love's Pursuit Giveaway

With my deadlines, I haven't had a chance to read this book yet, so I'm sorry there's no review. However, to make it up to you, I'm giving away a copy of the book. Be sure to leave a comment below after reading about the book -- tell me what most intrigues you about this book.

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing

Love's Pursuit

Bethany House (June 1, 2009)


Siri Mitchell


Siri Mitchell graduated from the University of Washington with a business degree and worked in various levels of government. As a military spouse, she has lived all over the world, including in Paris and Tokyo. Siri enjoys observing and learning from different cultures. She is fluent in French and loves sushi.

But she is also a member of a strange breed of people called novelists. When they’re listening to a sermon and taking notes, chances are, they’ve just had a great idea for a plot or a dialogue. If they nod in response to a really profound statement, they’re probably thinking, “Yes. Right. That’s exactly what my character needs to hear.” When they edit their manuscripts, they laugh at the funny parts. And cry at the sad parts. Sometimes they even talk to their characters.

Siri wrote 4 books and accumulated 153 rejections before signing with a publisher. In the process, she saw the bottoms of more pints of Ben & Jerry’s than she cares to admit. At various times she has vowed never to write another word again. Ever. She has gone on writing strikes and even stooped to threatening her manuscripts with the shredder.

A Constant Heart was her sixth novel. Two of her novels, Chateau of Echoes and The Cubicle Next Door were Christy Award finalists. She has been called one of the clearest, most original voices in the CBA.


In the small Puritan community of Stoneybrooke, Massachusetts, Susannah Phillips stands out both for her character and beauty. She wants only a simple life but soon finds herself pursued by the town's wealthiest bachelor and by a roguish military captain sent to protect them. One is not what he seems and one is more than he seems.

In trying to discover true love's path, Susannah is helped by the most unlikely of allies, a wounded woman who lives invisible and ignored in their town. As the depth, passion, and sacrifice of love is revealed to Susannah, she begins to question the rules and regulations of her childhood faith. In a community where grace is unknown, what price will she pay for embracing love?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Love's Pursuit, go HERE


housemouse88 said...

This book sounds intriguing. I love the time period it is set in but the characters are what I want to learn most about. Thanks for the contest. Have a great day.

house_mouse88 at yahoo dot com

Carmen7351 said...

Siri's book sounds so good. It portrays the tougher times of life for women. Please enter me. Thank you.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Sounds so good! I would love to read this book. I love historical fiction, and this is a great time period.

MJ said...

I love historical fiction and you can never go wrong with a search for true love!


Carole said...

The New England Puritan setting is one of my favorite periods of history. And the phrase, "a community where grace is unknown" draws me to this book. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Casey H. said...

I have yet to read any of Siri's books, but I am always looking for a new author who grips a reader, one who knows how to craft a story, so much so that the reader is disappointed to put the book down. I would love to read this book and discover if this is such an author. This story certainly seems to have that promise, the description along, is intriguing. I also appreciate the bio at the beginning. Also a budding author, it is good to know others have struggled! It's nice to know your not alone.


windycindy said...

The Puritan Community has always fascinated me. The heroine sounds like a strong woman and I enjoy reading books about strong women;
especially, ahead of their time!
Thanks, Cindi

Carol said...

This sounds really good! I enjoy reading about the Puritan community. Thank you for the giveway!
Carol M
mittens0831 AT aol.com

Anita Yancey said...

What intrigues me most is the fact that Susannah is pursued by both the town's wealthiest bachelor and a military captain. I would love to see who she picks, or if she picks neither. Please enter me. Thanks!


ladybug said...

this book looks absolutely riveting and I love the different reviews I've read on it. Would love a chance to win.

ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

adge said...

What intrigues me most about this book is the contrasts: one not what he seems, one more than he seems, she stands out, the other woman is ignored, no grace, love, etc. It seems really interesting. Please enter me for the giveaway, thanks.


Cherie J said...

Sounds like a great story. I would love to learn more about the Puritans so this was a great choice for a historical period by Siri. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.



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