Monday, June 29, 2009

Smiling in the Frying Pan of Life

My friend Ane Mulligan sent me this photo. She told me it happened last week when her son was cooking.

That picture sums up my life right now Best laid plans and all, but I am getting slammed. It definitely feels like a frying pan -- and not just from the heat. Summer has hit Indiana with a vengeance. We had a long string of days last week where the heat index was close to 100.

I have a court appointed criminal appeal that was delayed for several months, so instead of writing it in April when I didn't have a book deadline, I'm working on it at all hours. I have one more week of lectures in the class I teach at Purdue, then the final exam and a stack of grading. My next Heartsong is due August 1...I've made great progress on it, but really want this to be my best book for them yet. And I have sample chapters to write for a couple requested proposals as well as a couple other series proposals sitting with publishers. Add in a full summer of activities for the kids and I'm in serious need of a Calgon-take-me-away week. :-)

I have several books on rest and Sabbath that I can't wait to read and glean from...when I can finally breath! So how do you find the smiley face in life's frying pan?

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More than Survival said...

Wow!! I feel exhausted just reading all that you have to do...!!! Sending up a prayer for you!! Anything I can do?? Watch your kids?? Run some errands?? Bring a meal or two?? Do your grocery shopping??? SERIOUSLY!!! I want to help!!! I too, want your next book to be GREAT... I enjoy reading them... so call it selfish help!! LOL!!! I am 100% serious.... email me and tell me what would be the most helpful!!!
Heather C.


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