Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love's First Light

From the first page Jamie Carie will sweep you back in time to a land removed from our own. Journey to the bloody landscape of Revolutionary France. Robespierre and his mania form a secondary character that smears across the pages of this rich romance.

Christophe has lost his entire family to the blood-soaked French Revolution. When he flees to an ancient castle in southern France, he hides and conducts his scientific research in relative peace...until he stumbles upon Scarlett, a war widow who regularly visits her husband's grave in the early morning hours.

It amazes me how Jamie can paint such vivid pictures of places I've never visited and a time that is foreign to me. What I knew about the French Revolution prior to this book were a few dates, names and how Thomas Jefferson and other founders thought we should support the revolution. While this book does an amazing job of capturing the time and feel of that war, the romance is never sacrificed. Instead, the attraction between Christophe and Scarlett is richer because of everything that strives to keep them apart.

This is another great book from author Jamie Carie. She has solidified her spot as one of my favorite historical romance authors.

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